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Conference “SKillMe 2019” took place in Koper

On March 14th 2019 over 300 secondary students and their teachers from all over the Alps-Adriatic area and Bosnia-Herzegovina met at “Secondary Technical School” in the seaside town of Koper/Slovenia for the “SKillMe 2019”-Conference which focuses on the bridging of secondary education and the industry in the Alps-Adriatic area in order to increase overall student mobility. For 2020 the conference is planned to take place in Slavonski Brod/Croatia.
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Klagenfurt becomes Alps-Adriatic Hub

More than 30 years ago, in 1988, the General Secretariat of the Alps-Adriatic Working Community – which became the Alps-Adriatic-Alliance (AAA) in 2013 – was installed at the Regional Government of Carinthia in Klagenfurt.
Now the city becomes a true “Alps-Adriatic Cooperation Hub” because the Alpe-Adriatic Rectors´ Conference (AARC) which was founded in 1979 will open a Permanent Secretariat at Klagenfurt´s Alpen-Adria-Universität. The AARC consists of 48 universities and colleges from all over Central Europe and focuses on deepening academic cooperation and exchange. It is currently presided by the University of Rijeka.
Another network which has opened its joint secretariat at the Economic Chamber of Carinthia is “NAAN” the “New Alpe Adria Network of Chambers” which consists of members from Carinthia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Istria, Primorje-gorski kotar County, Slovenia, Styria and Veneto. NAAN´s focus will be on furthering the area´s economic integration through an improved infrastructure, digitalization and joint business development- as well as training measures.

1st Alps-Adriatic Health Conference meets Austrian Spa Association Conference

Under the motto “Active and Healthy Ageing – A model for our future!” experts from all over the Alps-Adriatic area will meet at the “Zehnerhaus” in Bad Radkersburg (Styria) from May 8th to 10th 2019.

„Active and Healthy Ageing“ (AHA) aims to increase the number of healthy years in life and the conference´s goal is the development of new business models, products and services that help to support already existing medical infrastructure, such as health- and spa resorts to meet these challenges.

The Alps-Adriatic Health Conference 2019 offers the unique opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the field and to connect with like-minded colleagues in order to generate the necessary momentum for change.

Under the patronage of the Alps-Adriatic Alliance (AAA), the partners from Pomurje (SLO), Varaždin (CRO) and Bad Radkersburg (AUT) are working together to meet the challenges of the regional economic development in the fields of health and health tourism. 

The conference´s official languages are Croatian, German and Slovenian. Translations into English will be available as well.

The participation is free of charge!


On the occasion of the International Mountain Day 2018, the General Secretriat of the Alps-Adriatic Alliance (AAA) together with Hermagoras Publishing Company invited to a literary evening under the slogan “Reading Mointains 2018” to the restaurant Bodenbauer in Bodental (Carinthia/AUT). “Reading Mountains” is an initiative of the Alpine Convention of which the AAA is an observer. Two authors, Ingrid Kaiser-Kaplaner and Martin Mayerhöfler presented their latest works which is a guidebook for the Bärental (i.e. Bear Valley) in Southern Carinthia in case of Kaiser-Kaplaner. Mayrhöfler read from his second novel “Neun Klafter”, which is based on actual events in the mountains of North Eastern Carinthia during the final days of World War II.

From left to right: Valentin Waldhauser, Karl Hren, Marinka Mader-Tschertou, Martin Mayerhöfler, Ingrid Kaiser-Kaplaner, Christian Waldhauser, Thomas Pseiner

40 Years of Cooperation in the Alps-Adriatic Area – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

was the title of the festive conference organized by Varaždin County, the currently chairing member of the AAA, on November 20th 2018.
Hosted by the chairman of the Alps-Adriatic-Council, Prefect Radimir Čačić, exactly 40 years after the original Joint Declaration of the Alps-Adriatic Working Community was signed in Venice on November 20th 1978, the audience, which represented the political and the administrative level of the AAA, was given various presentations on the past, the present and the future of the Alps-Adriatic initiative.