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Burgenland and Varaždin meet on highest political level

Culture, renewable energies and educational co-operation were the topics of a recent
meeting between Burgenland´s Governor Hans Peter Doskozil and the Chairman of the Alps-
Adriatic Concil, Varaždin County´s Prefect Radimir Čačić in in Eisenstadt.


As members of the Alps-Adriatic Alliance it is important for us, to use this opportunity to
exchange views and benefit from each others know-how, in order to initiate new
collaborations, declared Governor Hans Peter Doskozil.

Both regions are founding members of the Alps-Adriatic Alliance (AAA) and, accordingly, the
mutual desire for future cooperation is big: Discussion topics included culture and cultural
enterprises in Burgenland, the pioneering role of Burgenland in renewable energies as well
as education and existing and planned cooperation in higher education – such as a
partnership between the University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule) Pinkafeld and the
University of Sjever (i.e. Northern Croatia) which has campuses in Varaždin and Koprivnica.

Picture Underline:
(from left to right) Prefect Radimir Čačić, his deputy Tomislav Paljak, Governor Hans Peter
Doskozil and Regional Minister Christian Illedits
© Bgld. Landesmedienservice

Aleksander Jevšek and the AAA´s Potentials

On Friday September 20th 2019 Mayor Dr. Aleksander Jevšek of Murska Sobota/SLO who is
currently presiding over Skupnost Občin Slovenije (SOS) – the Association of Municipalities
and Towns of Slovenia was visited by Thomas Pseiner, Secretary General of the Alps-
Adriatic-Alliance (AAA).


SOS represents Slovenia within the AAA-network and in the course of the meeting Dr.
Jevšek expressed the importance of the new strategy “SAA 2027” and his hope for even
bigger Alps-Adriatic-projects in the future. The mayor has also met the current president of
the AAA, Prefect Radimir Čačić of Varaždin County/CRO just recently, with whom he agrees
on the installation of an Alps-Adriatic NGO which is intended to prepare and implement such
bigger scale-projects in order to support the strategy. To foster the realization of such
projects, President Jevšek offered Murska Sobota to become the venue of an “Alps-Adriatic
Project Conference” in 2020, where concrete ideas should be developed. Challenges like
demographic or climate change affect all members of the AAA just the same. Therefore the
mayor expects no shortage in actual project initiatives.

Another very important topic of the meeting was the ongoing process of a possible
regionalization of the Republic of Slovenia. In comparison to all other AAA-members
Slovenia such an administrative level does not exist so far, beside the national ministries and
the municipalities. Mayor Dr. Jevšek, who is also a member of the Committee of the Regions
(CoR) has high expectations form this initiative, because it would finally make the Alps-
Adriatic truly part of a “Europe of Regions”.

Photo: © SOS

Poetry, Wine and Alps-Adriatic Networking – how much nicer can it be?

Enjoy a “Literature Excursion” to Ptuj/Slovenia, where “Poetry and Wine meets Alps-Adriatic” from Friday August 23rd to Sunday August 25th 2019. During this year´s “Days of Poetry and Wine” you will enjoy readings, performances, concerts and some wonderful wine tasting AND get the chance for networking and exchange of information at the Alps-Adriatic-Alliance Meeting on Saturday August 24th , 14:00 at the “muzikafe” (next to the main stage at Jadranska Ulica 5 in Ptuj). The excursion is part of the AAA-project “Alps-Adriatic meets Nordic Streets”.

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AAA-Steering Committee approves 31 new projects

The Steering Committee has met for its first meeting in 2019 on May 28th at the seat of the presiding region Varaždin County (Croatia). The attendants were welcomed by County Prefect Radimir Čačić, who presides over the Alps-Adriatic-Council (political body of the AAA) in 2018 and 2019.
In the course of the meeting 31 new projects were approved. Among them are six for which a funding from the EU-programs “Creative Europe”, “COSME”, “Europe for Citizens”, “Erasmus+” and “Horizon 2020” will be applied for as well. The implementation costs for two other projects which already were approved by the EU-program “Erasmus+” were supported as well. The financial applications were handed in by the Thematic Coordination Points (TCPs) on Art and Culture, Disaster Prevention, Equal Opportunities, Europe, Inclusion, Lifelong Learning, Rural Development and Ethnic Heritage, Sports and Tourism.
Since its start in 2013 the AAA has therefore supported a total of 240 new project initiatives so far.
The next call for new project applications is planned to be opened in spring 2020.

Call for financial Applications open: Application Period April 1st to April 30th 2019

According to chapter V of the current Procedural Rules the joint budget of the Alps-Adriatic-Alliance is intended to support „the financing of important activities and projects, which are significant for the entire network“.



The Alps-Adriatic-Alliance supports

  • preparation costs for the submission of a project within the framework of appropriate EU-programs (e.g. Europe for Citizens, ERASMUS+, Creative Europe, etc.)

  • the implementation of EU co-financed projects

  • joint projects which are in the overall common interest of the cooperation network

Criteria for the successful selection of applications:

– Projects financed by the AAA must involve the minimum of three regular members of

the AAA from three different countries.

– The more project-partners involved, the higher the chance for approval.

  • All members of the AAA must have the opportunity to be part of the project.

  • The role of each partner should be described in the application.

  • The expectable added value of the project for the entire AAA must be clearly described in the application form and is subject to evaluation after the project is completed.

  • The general outreach of the project (participants, possible visitors, expectable media reception, printed and/or online publication of results etc.) is essential.

  • All small-scale projects must support the Priority 2.3 “Strengthen Community Cohesion” (see pp. 59/60 of “SAA – 2027”).

All application forms must be sent to the responsible Thematic Coordination Point (TCP) by April 30th 2019, 23:59 hours. The addresses of the TCPs are indicated on the application form as well as on

To download application forms with detailed implementation guidelines as well as the procedural rules and the strategy “SAA – 2027” please click