Slovenja - Foto: Stane Jersic

Slovenja - Foto: Stane Jersic



Krapina Zagorje



Steiermark - Foto: Steiermark Tourismus

Steiermark - Foto: Steiermark Tourismus

Kärnten - Foto: Kärnten Tourismus

Kärnten - Foto: Kärnten Tourismus

Burgenland - Foto: Burgenland Tourismus

Burgenland - Foto: Burgenland Tourismus

Burgenland - Foto: Burgenland Tourismus

Burgenland - Foto: Burgenland Tourismus


TCP on Sports met in Karlovac

TCP Sports

In the framework of the “European Sports Day in Karlovac County” the TCP on Sports met on September 16th 2015. The meeting was organized by Mrs. Eva Sobotik-Pavan, head of “Europe Direct”-Karlovac and the AAA-Contact Point of Karlovac County and by Thomas Hirschböck, head of the TCP on Sports of the AAA. The meeting was opened by County Prefect Ivan Vučić. In his presentation, Thomas Hirschböck introduced the TCP on Sports while Michael Trinker from the Council of Europe gave an in-depth presentation of the EU-ERASMUS+-program as a potential tool for the funding of Alps-Adriatic sporting competitions and –events. He also informed about the EU funded project „Pro safe sports“, implemented by the Council of Europe. Zelimir Feitl, Head of the Karlovac Sports Committee introduced the audience on how sport is managed in the County and Thomas Pseiner, Secretary General of the AAA gave a comprehensive introduction on how the AAA works and which results it has achieved since its foundation in 2013. A central focus of the meeting was the intention of Koprivnica Križevci County to host Alps-Adriatic-Alliance-Youth-Sports-Summer-Games in 2016. These sports youth games should be submitted for EU funding as Vladimir Šadek, head of the Koprivnica Križevci AAA-Contact Point described.

Alps-Adriatic-LAGs as future project partners?

Lag 1

Hosted by LAG Podravina and Koprivnica Križevci County (Croatia), around 20 Local Action Groups (LAGs) from the territory of the Alps-Adriatic-Alliance and beyond have met for a workshop in Đurđevac on September 10th and 11th 2015.
The goal of the meeting was to foster inter-regional cooperation between these LAGs, which are composed of representatives from the public, civil and economic sector in rural areas that operate within the EU-LEADER-program. The workshop was opened with introductory speeches of vice president of LAG Podravina Mladen Mađer, Deputy County Prefect Darko Sobota and the Secretary General of the Alps Adriatic Alliance Thomas Pseiner.
After the presentations of each participating LAG the similarity of socio-economic challenges throughout the rural areas on the territory of the AAA became very obvious.The second day of the meeting was dedicated to discuss possible project-related cooperation between the LAGs in the fields of agriculture, culture and rural tourism.

GMG Convention – DJanes network meets in Graz

GMG Logo

The GMG Convention is an international meeting of female DJs from Austria, Hungary and Slovenia which will be taking place in Graz/Styria from the 31st of August to the 6th of September 2015. The project which is being patronaged by the AAA and supported by the EU-program ERASMUS+-Youth focuses on the exchange of experiences, know-how, routines, ideas and inspiration in order to get to know each other beyond cultural inhibitions and even cross the limitations of music genres. Another goal of GMG is the installing of beginner workshops for girls in all regions where GMG-participants come from.
The GMG-Convention will be hosted by Caritas Steiermark. To the public the it will offer Hip Hop dance-workshops, a DJing-beginner´s class, panel discussions with renowned Austrian DJanes, a radio show and – last but not least – the big final event “SM-SESSION II” with all GMG participants at the consoles!
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Alps-Adriatic-ERASMUS+-youth exchange in Ferlach


Under the slogan “Find Your Energy – Move Yourself!” 30 young people between the ages of 13 and 14 years met in Ferlach (Carinthia) from the 18th to the 25th of July 2015. The participants came from Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia to the meeting which was co-financed by the EU-program ERASMUS+, the Alps- Adriatic- Alliance and Gesunde Gemeinde (i.e. Healthy Municipality) Ferlach. The project was organized and carried out by the sport organization ASKÖ Kärnten.
The focus of this youth exchange was the idea to strengthen the health awareness of the young the participants and to get into intercultural exchange with their Alps-Adriatic neighbours. Numerous sports activities such as tennis, various team games, hiking and stand up paddling were on the agenda, which also included workshops on a healthier lifestyle through good nutrition and energy awareness. A special highlight for all participants was the archery-lesson in which the young people were practicing concentration and precision.
All of these activities helped to build new new friendships during the week as project manager Katrin Röttig happily stated: „It’s amazing to see youth delegations from four nations becoming one group of friends in just one week!“

Halbenrain hosted Alps-Adriatic painting competition „Ex Tempore 2015“


The International Alps-Adriatic painting competition „Ex Tempore 2015“ took again place in the lovely castle of Halbenrain (Styria) from the 20th to the 24th of July 2015. This year 58 artists from all over the Alps-Adriatic area handed in their works for the competition which was held under the slogan „Spirit and Joy of Life“.
The competition was organized by the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts „Hortus Niger“ and supported by the Alps-Adriatic Alliance, the Region of Styria and the town of Halbenrain. The award ceremony was held on July 24th in the presence of Patrick Schnabl, Head of the Department of Culture, Europe and External Relations of the Regional Government of Styria, the Mayor of Halbenrain, Dietmar Tschiggerl, Sandra Kocuvan, Head of the TCP on Culture and Thomas Pseiner, Secretary General of the AAA.
The award ceremony was conducted by Linda Achleitner from the International Summer Academy Hortus Niger. The jury was composed of Edith Risse and Gerhard Sternheim.
The winners are Attila Nemeth (Győr/HUN) Gabriele Grinschgl-Hörmann, Michaela Knittelfelder-Lang and Walter Felber (all from Styria/AUT). A recognition award went to Norbert Tóth (Zalaegerszeg/HUN).

Group Picture (from left): Thomas Pseiner, Linda Achleitner, Norbert Tóth, Michaela Knittelfelder-Lang, Attila Németh, Walter Felber, Patrick Schnabl, Gabriele Grinschgl-Hörmann, Gerhard Sternheim, Edith Risse and Mayor Dietmar Tschiggerl

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Alps-Adriatic Golden Wines 2015

AA Golden Wines 2015

The international wine exhibition „The Golden Wines of Alps-Adriatic 2015“ was held in the town of Đurđevac (CRO) on May 30th 2015. The event was organized by Koprivnica Križevci County and its AAA-partners from Austria, Hungary and Slovenia.
In the premises of Hotel Picok 34 regionally- or nationally awarded wines were presented, which underwent an evaluation by an international jury, coordinated by Professor Edi Maletić from the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb.
The goal of the event is the promotion of wine, winegrowers and wine-growing areas in the member regions of the Alps Adriatic Alliance and beyond.
As the „Golden Wine of the Alps-Adriatic Area“, a Graševina-ice wine produced by the Cmrečnjak from Štrigova (Croatia) was chosen by the jury. The best evaluated white wine was a Graševina produced by family Grudić from Koprivnica (Croatia), the best red wine was a Pinot Noir produced by “Weinbau Familie Gartner” from St. Andrä (Austria), and the best rosé wine was a Cabernet Sauvignon produced by the Kostanjevac winery from Rasinja (Croatia).

Download AA Golden Wines 2015 Brochure

Alps-Adriatic Rectors´ Conference met in Klagenfurt

LH Kaiser und Rektor Oliver Vitouch mit Teilnehmenden der Alpen Adria Rektoren-Konferenz

On May 22nd 2015 the Alps-Adriatic Rectors´ Conference (AARC) has met at Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt under the chairmanship of Rector Oliver Vitouch and Vice Rector Cristina Beretta.

Also in his position as chairman of the Alps-Adriatic Council of the AAA, Carinthia´s Governor Peter Kaiser welcomed the participants and suggested an even stronger partnership between the AAA and the AARC by using the TCP on Higher Education as an interface for
project-related cooperation.

In the course of the meeting “Istvan Szécheny University of Györ (HUN) and the Universities of Novi Pazar (SRB) and Sarajevo (BIH) were welcomed as new AARC-members. Now the AARC, which was founded in 1979, represents a network of 39 universities from Albania, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Serbia and Slovenia. For the first time, projects were presented in a “Shared Market Place”. One of the AARCS´ future goals is an increased number of EU-co-financed projects.

Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt took over the presidency of the AARC from University of Tuzla (BIH). At the end of 2015 it will be handed over to Univerza na Primorskem in Koper (SLO).

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Photo: © Büro LH Kaiser

Alps-Adriatic Cultural Networkers met in Graz

TCP on Culture

The third networking meeting of the TCP on Culture took place in Styria´s capital Graz on May 8th 2015. It was opened by Patrick Schnabl, Head of the Department for Culture, European Affairs and Foreign Relations of the Styrian Regional Government.  The meeting was attended by artists and cultural workers form the territory of the AAA. Part of a round-table discussion, chaired by the head of the TCP on Culture, Sandra Kocuvan, was a presentation by the head of the CREATIVE EUROPE Desk Austria, Elisabeth Pacher. The next meeting is scheduled on July 4th 2015 in Szombathely (County Vas/Hungary).


AAA-Steering Committee approves new projects


On April 28th the Steering Committee of the Alps-Adriatic-Alliance met for its first meeting in 2015. From the numerous applications the Steering Committee has approved 17 new projects and 12 new patronages. Among these projects were also various applications which will apply for EU-co-financing  in various programs (CENTRAL EUROPE, COSME, CREATIVE EUROPE, ERASMUS+) One ERASMUS+-Youth project has already been approved by the Austrian National Agency.

The TCP on Agriculture & Ethnic Heritage plans a workshop for Local Action Groups (LAGs) from the territory of the AAA who operate within the framework of the EU-LEADER-program this coming September.

The next regular meeting of the Steering Committee will be held on October 20th 2015.

Photo: „©LPD-Sucher“

INCLUSIA 2015: Individuals – the way we are


People with disabilities are part of our society. “The diversity of all people forms a strong and attractive community.  Because everyone of us is unique. That’s the norm.“, states Dieter Klammer, organizer of “INCLUSIA 2015” and head of the TCP on Inclusion of the Alps-Adriatic Alliance.
As a concrete approach to this idea and in order to celebrate the Alps-Adriatic spirit, “INCLUSIA 2015: Individuals – the way we are” took again place in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee (Carinthia) from the 21st to the 23rd of April 2015.
700 middle- and high school-students from Klagenfurt and 350 people with disabilities from the Alps-Adriatic area and beyond met for this event which is unique in Europe. In joint activities such as making music, painting, cooking, arts & crafts, sports or choir singing, inclusion came alive. Joint lessons in small groups were designed by the schools involved.

INCLUSIA 2015 demonstrated again, how easy certain insecurities can be overcome and that mutual understanding between people with and without disabilities is an important attribute of our Alps-Adriatic spirit.